About us

Yes and Yes Infracon (P) Ltd., is the name that stands up for the advanced and prestigious facilities. Today, we are recognized as the leader of the industry, for our strength in latest updated construction methods and for our creative and fresh approach to cutting-edge technologies and delivery systems.
Our success is driven by adhering to the most advanced concepts for our corporate and industrial clients. More and more of our clients have turned to us for our distinctive ability to implement project management techniques and provide stable and reliable solutions for all kinds of construction projects.


Lion. Er. D. Shanmugan. B.E.,F.I.V.,
Managing Director
As a first-generation entrepreneur, Lion. Er. D. Shanmugan, the founder of Yes and Yes Infracon (P) Ltd., began his professional career by setting up a construction firm in Erode, Tamilnadu, in 1987, and has since then incorporated several companies, also expanding into Residential Development.
He took up building construction projects in the name of PREMIER CONSTRUCTION and constructed more than 300 residential and commercial buildings. In 2002, YES AND YES company was established, under which many industrial and institutional buildings were constructed.
He is also the Chairman of Senthur Polytechnic College and Managing Director of Erode Engineers Enterprises (P) Ltd., and Managing Partner of Yes and Yes Constructions (RMC) & YesTeam Construction. He plays an important role in Erode District Civil Engineers Association and Federation of All Civil Engineers Associations of Tamilnadu and Pondicherry.
Apart from his professional career, he is also an active member of Lions Clubs International. He had been the Lions District Governor (Dist 324B2), in the year 2011-12 and carried out various successful community and humanitarian services under his leadership, across the state. He provides Value based Programmes for teenage childen and intense training programme for growing Civil Engineering students of Tamil Nadu. He is also an extremely passionate motivational speaker, proving to be the most positive and the best in any task he takes up.

Er. S. Pradheep. B.Tech(Civil).,
Er. S. Pradheep is a young and enthusiastic Engineer and Entrepreneur. He graduated from the prestigious SRM Institutions, Chennai and has been growing in the öeld ever since. He is experienced in Residential and Institutional MSB construction projects in and around Tamilnadu.
He has also expanded his career into Ready Mix Concrete Plants, and is excelling in the same.
Throughout his career, Pradheep has also participated in various Leadership workshops and training in order to expand his scope.
His thrive to adapt latest technologies and advanced workøow systems always ensures that the company is resonating with the current generation needs and futuristic approaches.


Our VISION is to build a forward-looking organization with a perfect progress and a collaborative corporate culture, seeing our employees grow with the passion for performance.


Our pledge is to establish long lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and earning their trust through exceptional performance of each and every member of the concrete  delivery team. We also look forward to add value through innovation, foresight, integrity and aggressive performance. We ensure quality in each and every step of the process and to serve with character and purpose.

Our team of professionals offers a single-source solution for all your construction-related needs. Be it any new facility or facility renovation, restoration, site preparation, we have the necessary experience and personnel to provide the highest quality as well as cost effective service on schedule. We support our clients from project inception, to the commissioning of the fully operational facility.

Our MISSION is to become our customers’ ever preferred choice  for innovative sustainable construction solutions, valuing their trust the most, building the foundations for the society’s future.


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